Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crossfit at a globo gym???

I love to crossfit.  Since my first time two summers ago in the Lenexa PD parking lot, I have been hooked.  I'll admit it, I love the pain.  Being too sore to lower myself into a chair, to roll over in bed, to drive my stick shift, you get the idea.  I also love the way my arms looked while pulling my hair into a pony tail, how great my jeans fit, and how I felt I could pretty much kick anyone's ass who messed with me.

The bad: I can only crossfit at the station when my crossfitting/olympic weightlifting sister is going.  And the word has gotten out how great Xfit is and the tiny gym is packed with people wondering why a non-employee is taking up space.  The other bad: The traditional crossfit box is uber expensive to join, and there is no pool or spin bike and I loooove swimming and biking.

As a result, my Xfit gains have been lost.  My solution is to attempt to WOD at Healthridge.  The good news is there are quite a few spaces to pull together equipment.  And I found a cool website, WOD at Home, for some ideas that require less equipment.

I was going to do a pilates class tomorrow.  But honestly, I hate classes and spend them watching the clock.  So maybe I'll go for a quick spin and then Xfit. We'll see....

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