Saturday, June 23, 2012

Joe's quilt. Part 1

This is the fabric laid out on our spare bed

Fabric laid out on the floor
For Christmas, I planned on making a quilt for Joe.  To my surprise, he was really excited about getting a handmade quilt.  So the pressure was on!!  My good friend Beth, had shown me a fabulous book "Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts" by Keffe Fassett and I found an awesome striped quilt I decided to make for him.  My mom ended up buying me a copy of the book.  Thanks mom!

Halfway though working on this quilt it began to give me a major headache...literally.  And I had showed Joe a finished piece and I could tell that he did not love it.  Which was okay because I wasn't really loving it either.  So I put it in my unfinished projects drawer and hope to finish it this winter.  I think I'll use a brown plaid flannel for the backing.  

This brings me to Joe's quilt. Part 2

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